Why How Much Money I Make Has Nothing To Do With You…

by Jackie

Yesterday I received an email from a gentleman who had just downloaded my Squidoo Christmas Cash blueprint report. It is a blueprint of how I go about creating profitable lenses on Squidoo. But, the email wasn’t about the blueprint, no, in the email he wanted to know if building lenses was going to be worth his time. To identify this worth, he demanded that I tell him how much money I make with  Squidoo (and NOT from teaching people how to use Squidoo). He knows people don’t like to talk in specifics, but this isn’t a legal question… just tell me how much you make.

He’s not the first… and I’m sure he won’t be the last.

However, yesterday I was offended. I replied to him and asked him how often in real life he walks up to people he doesn’t know and demands they tell him how much money they make so he can see if something is worth doing.

My email went on, but here’s the crux of it.

How much money I make ~ has absolutely NOTHING to do with you.

Here’s why.

I’ve put in the time to learn the techniques, to learn good keyword research, to learn how to build links, and I’ve busted my ass to do those things and do them well.

I don’t know you from Adam… and I have no idea whether you will be willing to do  those things or not.

How much money I make reflects completely on who I am, and how much money you will make reflects on who YOU are.

There is no overlap.

I received a reply shortly after I sent my email…

Geez…  is all he said.

It appears I have offended his sensibilities asking him to be accountable to himself, and for his actions. Go figure.

You see, here’s the thing. I have taken the time to learn these things, and I quite freely give people a TON of the stuff I have learned to hopefully lessen their learning curve. So if you’re asking me how much money I make ~ you’re asking the wrong fucking question.

You should be asking things like:

What can I do to get my page to number 1?

What can I do to better connect with my community?

What can I do to pick products that will convert?

What can I do to create content that converts better

What can I do to create better headlines that get people to read my stuff

Do you see the difference? These questions all have something to do with YOU, and the things you can control. They have nothing to do with me.

Please, stop putting people on a pedestal. It doesn’t matter if someone makes a hundred dollars a month or 10 grand ~ what they make has nothing to do with you. It is not at all indicative of how much money you can or may make.

What you’re willing to do to start building your business. What you’re willing to do to start  getting traffic to your site. What you’re willing to do to start building trust with your community.

Those things are the indicators of how successful you will be, of how much money you may make.

What are you willing to do? How far are YOU willing to go?

Those are the questions you need to be asking…

Not how much money I make.


image credit: Gudonark