What If Easy Could Be Epic?

by Jackie

There’s a lot of talk around the circles I find myself in… creating something Epic, creating Art with your work. These are two terms that can be seriously intimidating. I mean, ART? EPIC? They are huge and scary and because they are so big they definitely must be hard. Right?

Over the weekend I was doing some thinking. I  had some realizations. I was able to really pinpoint who I want to talk to in my business, and the vision for my business. While I was thinking about these things I realized this simple fact.

I have the ability to teach people how to do complicated and often confusing things in a way that is easy to understand and take action on. I am also able to do it in a way that allows people to feel like THEY CAN do it, and get started.

Yeah, I do that. In fact, it’s really easy for me. I don’t really have to think about it much. I don’t have to work very hard at it. It’s kind of a natural born talent, if you will.

Well, I started this whole blog because I wanted to create art. I wanted to be EPIC and felt that I couldn’t do it on the platform I was already on… you know, I only explained complicated subjects in easy to understand and take action on ways over there. It was easy. I enjoyed it. I mean, I actually really LIKE doing it. So that of course can not be art, and certainly can not be epic.

Or can it?

This morning I was thinking… what if (bear with me here)

What if… the things that come naturally to us, and we love to do, and are easy for us to do…

our natural born talents are our ART?

What if we’ve been pushing these things away because somewhere in the back of our mind we believe easy can never be art, or epic, but what if, in fact, it totally could be.

I started thinking what if art is something wonderful that comes naturally to you, that not everyone else can do? What if the real art in life is taking the things you love and are good at, and expressing them to the utmost of your ability?

What if that was really art?

What if epic was doing something so amazing with the natural born talents you were given that it attracted the attention of the people you were talking to and they loved it! It made them happy. It made you happy, and it even made you *gasp* money?

Now I’m not saying the creation of epic shit is easy… no, it takes time, and effort, dedication, persistence and work. BUT what if you were doing all that work, and putting in all that effort around something that comes naturally to you… would it seem like work then? What if we stopped trying to hole ourselves into some outlandish version of what we think we should be and just truly expressed who we are?

I am beginning to believe that the whole “work” thing really comes into play when I am not being true to myself and I start trying to push down my natural born talents, tell myself they just aren’t enough,  and make myself do and be things that  I think I SHOULD do, because I think that’s what art SHOULD be, or epic SHOULD be.

When are we going to give ourselves a break, and just start loving who we are, what we do, and start doing what we do well, so fricking well that the world can’t help but notice…

I think that would be epic.

How about you?

image credit: epicbeer