Is She Your Mrs. Right?

by Jackie

Finding your market ~ otherwise known as ~ finding your right people is a key ingredient in creating a successful business online. It’s getting easier and easier to actually find them thanks to social media, but before you can find them, you have to figure out who they are.

Let me make this point, loud and clear. I’ve been shouting this for years now, I almost feel like a broken record!

If you try to talk to everyone you will end up talking to NO ONE.

This is true, no matter what business you are in. It is a key component to success. You have to figure out who your people are before you go out into the world.

Now with that said…

You will be refining your right people, and gaining clarity as things go on, so don’t NOT get started because you don’t have the exact picture of your right people. I can almost guarantee over time it’s going to change a little bit.

Why is it important to know who your market is?

Marketing is most effective when people feel like you are talking directly to them.  When you can pinpoint their problems, their frustrations and speak directly to them people will feel like you are speaking to them. They will believe  your solution will work because it’s exactly what they are dealing with in their lives.

It’s also important to know who your market is because it sets the entire tone for your business. People looking for free methods to make money online are probably not going to pay for high dollar coaching. You see what I mean? You have to match your market to your business, when they are congruent it will be so much easier to speak to them directly and for them to buy your products and services.

How do I know who my market is?

There’s a few things you can do.

1. Think about the business you’re creating. What is it going to offer? What types of problems will it solve?

2. When you’ve got that question answered, then think about the people that will fit with.

3. Think about the price range you’re going to offer your products and services at.

This might be a hard one ~ because you may feel you don’t have the experience, or knowledge to sell high priced products, but believe me, at some point you will and you don’t want to have created an entire market around your business that isn’t willing to pay more than 27 dollars for something. When you hit the point where you are ready to move to the next level you’ll find yourself basically starting over, and that doesn’t need to happen. You can start building the “right” market from the start.

4. When you’ve though about the price range you’ll be offering your products at think about the people who will be buying them, what kind of people will they be? What kind of jobs will they have? What kind of money will they be making?

It seems a little over the top to ask yourself these questions right at the beginning, but your market is a foundational piece of your business, and it’s worth getting right from the start.

Finding your market exercise:

Take out a paper and pen ~ or open a text editor, and let your mind wander to the business you’re building. Think about what it’s going to be like a  year from now, five years from now. Think about the customers you have. Think about how much money you’re making.

Then answer these questions:

1. Who is buying my products/services? men or women?

2 How old are they?

3. Where do they live? City? Country? US? Abroad?

4. What does their family look like? Are they married? Do they have kids? At home? In College? Out of the house?

5. What kind of work do they do?

6. How much money do they make?

7. How much discretionary money do they have to spend?

8. What kinds of hobbies do they have?

9. What do they do on the weekends?

Once you’ve answered these questions ~ and anything else that comes up for you that will help you get a very clear picture of your perfect customer I suggest you create a perfect customer profile.

Write the story of your perfect customer.  Make it as detailed as you possibly can, down to hair color, name and eye color. These details will support you in many ways.

  • They will allow you to create content as though you are speaking to a friend ~ you’ve created this person, you know them intimately!
  • They will allow you to create content that is exactly what they want and need.
  • They will allow you to create products and services that are a perfect fit for your perfect customer.
  • They will allow you to stay focused and clear about who you are talking to and why.

There’s a reason this is your perfect customer… don’t get sidetracked and start trying to talk to everyone. Just talk to your perfect customer ~ there’s plenty of them out there. I promise.

If you have questions about the process of finding your market please, ask in the comments section. I’d love to help you figure it out.