How to Blast Out Roadblocks

by Jackie

You’re here and you want to get there.

In between you and that place is a big fat roadblock.

What do you do next?

Do you try to figure out how to go around it?

Do you try to figure out a way to blow it up so you can go through it?

Do you sit and wait for someone else to come and move it so you can get by?

In your entrepreneurial life there are going to be many, many roadblocks. They will come at you in every way, shape and fashion.  Some will seem like no problem and others will feel almost, if not completely,  insurmountable.

Your success depends on how you navigate the roadblocks.

When you work in a job… you don’t really have to deal with roadblocks. That’s not what you get paid for. Someone, probably higher up the food chain, has to do deal with them, they have to solve the problem, and then generally they’ll hand you the solution.

However, when you own your own business you have to become a master roadblock breaker. You have to be able to overcome not only the roadblock, but the thoughts and feelings you may have when you come face to face with one.

You’re cruising along on a project… easy peezy. BAM. Roadblock.

Roadblocks don’t only block your forward motion by their very nature, they also block your forward motion because they almost always bring up emotions. Frustration, irritation, doubts about your ability or depending on the roadblock even doubts about your self worth.

It’s the emotions that can sometimes prove more devastating than the roadblock itself. Most roadblocks can be navigated fairly easily ~  you can find someone to help, create  a work-around ~ get your project back on track. However, those emotions ~ the things that come up for you when you hit those roadblocks, those can be a little trickier, a little stickier. They can stay around even after you think you’ve dealt with the roadblock and you’re moving again.

They show themselves in crazy little ways ~ thoughts that flash across your mind, time wasters that call to you, procrastination, doing things that aren’t really “the work” so you feel busy and can talk  yourself into believing you’re doing what needs to be done. These are the tell tale signs of roadblock emotions.

If you’re like me you just smush them down, and get back to work. Solve the problem. Blow up the roadblock. Get back to work. Get back on schedule.

While that can be great for getting projects done… it still leaves all that stuff smushed up inside you. And… when things get all smushed up inside you for long enough they have to come out. And it usually ain’t pretty.

It may be a blow up at someone you love. It may be just a complete feeling of  apathy. It may show up by you getting the flu. Our minds and bodies are amazing things. They will make you stop and take a look at something no matter how hard you refuse. The harder you fight it, the harder your mind and body will fight back, until you find yourself debilitated so you physically can not keep going. Well… lookie here, time to get some thinking done.

So what do you do?

I am a huge advocate of taking action… but sometimes that action has to be on a level that isn’t as easy to see. Sometimes that action requires silence and contemplation. I suggest when you hit a roadblock, get started looking for the work-around. Keep working at it, but if you find yourself having an emotional reaction to the situation ~ it’s probably more than just a simple roadblock.

Take some time ~ this is coming up for a reason. If you don’t figure out the reason now, you’ll continue to have situations arise that bring up this feeling or issue ~ until you work on it.  So take some time ~ I’m not talking like a month… but take 5 or 15 minutes. Sit with your feeling and ask it what’s up. Ask it what it needs from you, why it’s here, what it’s trying to tell you. Then shut up and listen.

Yeah, listen. Just be quiet, sit quietly and let your body and mind speak to you. They will let you know what the deal is. When they do thank them. From there you can objectively look at what’s coming up and why. You can look at it critically and ask questions to find out if it is valid, or true, helpful or possibly was put there at a time in your past when it definitely helped out but now no longer serves you.

If you take a few minutes to look at these things now, you’ll feel a lot better. Your mind will work better, and you’ll find that roadblocks that relate to this issue don’t come up as often, if at all. It will create a smoothness and ease to your work.

Like I said, I’m all about do do do, but while doing is great, forcing ~ not so much. Work with your body and mind and as you do they’ll help create a space in your business, and in your life, where roadblocks are no longer necessary.

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