Does It All Match Up?

by Jackie

When you’re getting started in your online business you have to think about a lot of things. Sometimes we get to looking at individual pieces, well, individually. We think each piece looks great, feels great, but the problem comes in when we put them together and they don’t send the message we’re hoping to send.

This can happen with lots of little pieces, our blog title, url, tagline, theme, what’s in the sidebar, how many ads you have on your site ~ each of these may look and sound and feel wonderful on its own, but how do they fit together, how do each of these pieces express you and your business purpose when they come together?

As a business owner you want to make sure that your message is being portrayed in each piece of the puzzle, so you create a unified message with your site.

Let’s say you’re creating a site that helps people choose the perfect gift for their loved ones. You are going to review gift ideas, and help people find innovative and unique gifts. You’ve got your site name, you’ve got your tagline, they’re both on point ~ they talk about helping people find unique gifts for the people they love.

However, you’ve got this dark colored theme that is a beautiful theme, but it doesn’t send a message of light hearted gift giving.  It might be time to reassess what visual cues and messages you want to send with your theme.

Themes can completely enhance or detract from your message. While I don’t suggest you spend forever trying to choose a theme and mess with it forever, it is important for the theme you choose to create a feeling when people first see it, a feeling that is congruent with what you’re doing.

If you have a very serious site ~ you’re talking about important, serious stuff… you probably don’t want a theme that is filled with balloons and cartoon characters.  While it may seem obvious ~ when you’re talking about serious stuff you want a serious looking site ~ it’s sometimes easier to forget that happy, friendly topics deserve a theme that portrays that emotion.

If you’re trying to create a calm, supportive, capable feeling for your site and business you may want to watch how many things you put in the sidebar. Having too many distractions and things to try to focus on at one time can completely unravel any calm you may have created with the colors, theme, title and tagline.

Have you taken some time to think about the feeling you want people to get when they land on your site? You’ll only have a few seconds to achieve it, so it’s important to be clear within your own mind so you can make sure each and every piece of your site and your business helps you portray that feeling.

The feeling someone gets in the first few seconds they arrive at your site is crucial. It’s the first impression, and it’s a lasting one. Today why don’t you go to your site ~ land there with the eyes of a first time visitor. See what you see, what you don’t see, how you feel, what message do you get? This is all in a very fast couple seconds. Better yet, why don’t you have a friend or customer do it for you… let them take a look and tell you what they see. What they see is probably going to give you a better idea than what you might see ~ because you’re so invested and you know what people are supposed to see. :)

Once you get a couple opinions you can look at the pieces and see if you can tighten up your pieces so they immediately tell people the story you’re trying to tell with your site.


image credit: Aunt Owwee

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